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You are invited to celebrate with us!

Bar and Caroline

The Wedding



29th of May 2024



Al Hayam

Caesarea/Sdot Yam


Along with our families

Victor Hara
Roberta Bluvol Hara Z"L
Monique Majtlis Hara

Avi Caspi
Riky Gilboa Caspi


5:45 pm


7:00 pm

Join us
For some drinks & appetizers

On the Beach
Sunset time - don't be late!


Where to Stay

The wedding is taking place on Wednesday the 29th of May of 2024, at Al Hayam venue located in Kibbutz Sdot Yam, right next to Caesarea. The venue is located aproximately 1h15 from Tel Aviv.

We will provide transportation from Tel Aviv to the wedding venue and back.

For those staying in Caesarea during the wedding evening, transportation will also be provided from Dan Caesarea to the venue and back.

Updated Itinerary

Dear family & friends,
Due to the current situation in Israel, we modified our previous wedding schedule shortening the itinerary in behalf of a more comfortable and pleasant stay for you all.
The family is going to be based exclusively in the Dan Caesarea Hotel during the 4 nights around the wedding day (from the 26/05 to the 30/05).


Monday the 27th of May

Beach Club Pre-Party at the Michmoret Beach Club

Tuesday the 28th of May

Free day + Trip options around the area (transportation will be provided)

Caesarea Port & Amphorae Winery

Wednesday the 29h of May

The Wedding :)

We invite you to stay close to us on those special days & get the opportunity to explore Israel as it suits you best on the additional days of your trip.
There will still be transportation from Tel Aviv to the wedding venue and back.
For changes to reservations already made, please contact
Karen Feldman.
To make new reservations at Dan Caesarea, you may contact Karen or book directly through the hotel's website.
We hope to celebrate with you all really soon,
Hara and Caspi Family

To guarantee everyone's comfort, we would like to suggest avoiding wearing thin heels - our wedding venue's floor is partially grass. As well as bringing something warm in case it gets windy at night.
For any other queries please keep in touch with our wedding planner:
Karen Feldman

We hope to see you soon!

Please RSVP below:

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