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Israel general guide:

Israel is a small but diverse country that offers unique attractions to travelers of all ages and backgrounds. Whatever the purpose of your trip, this amazing country has something for everyone! Israel offers scenic desert landscapes, lush forests, breathtaking beaches, and some of the most important historic sites in the world. Here I will share with you some of our favorite places around here as well as some infos you might wanna know before coming!

1. Pre-Trip Planning:

  • There's no visa required for entering in Israel. 

  • The currency here is Shekels - which right now is pretty similar to the Brazilian Real. You can change your money easily anywhere around the city.

2. Getting Around:

  • Israel offers really good public transportation - you can get around with buses, trains with the help of an app called Moovit.

  • Renting a car vs. public transport: If you are thinking about traveling around the entire country (Dead sea, the desert, the north) we recommend renting a car, since public transportation is limited in those areas. But when it comes to Tel Aviv, Haifa & Jerusalem and other cities in the center, we recommend using public transportation which is great & you'll avoid the crazy traffic. Regarding the wedding, transportation from Tel Aviv and Caesarea is included :)

  • When arriving at the airport, theres a train that takes you to the center of Tel Aviv - taxis might be slighly expensive!

3. Weather and Packing:

  • Weather in Israel in May is pretty warm during the day (27ºC) and comfortable during the night (22ºC).

  • Packing essentials: Comfortable walking shoes! The best way to know a cities is definitely walking around! So comfortable shoes will help you during your stay here :)

4. Accommodations:

  • Besides the hotels recommended previously, there are many other options such as hostels, airbnbs & short term sublets around the city! You'll definitely find something that suits you best!

5. First Time in Israel -> Must-Visit Destinations:

  • Jerusalem:

    • Old City (Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre).

    • Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

    • Machane Yehuda Market 

  • Tel Aviv:

    • Tel Aviv Beaches

    • Florentin (Where the hipster hide!)

    • Shuk Hacarmel (Market)

    • Neve Tzedek 

    • Rothschild Boulevard

    • Jaffa Old City.

  • Other Cities (Haifa, Eilat, etc.).

  • The Dead Sea

  • Masada during the Sunrise

6. Cultural Experiences:

  • The local cuisine in Israel is excepcional! Take a look on some of the best restaurants here.

7. Historical Sites:

  • Archaeological sites (Caesarea, Megiddo).

  • Museums (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel Museum, Yad Vashem).

8. Outdoor Adventures:

  • Hiking trails (Ein Gedi, Masada).

  • Water activities (Red Sea snorkeling, Dead Sea floating).

  • Desert experiences (Negev Desert).

9. Safety Tips:

  • General safety precautions.

  • Cultural sensitivities.

  • Emergency contacts.

10. Local Etiquette:

- Tipping customs: In Israel the service is not included at restaurants, you can tip between 10% to 18%.

- Bargaining in markets: If you're at the Hacarmel Market, the Jaffa Thrift Market or at the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, or even during a taxi ride, bargaining is completely fine & also a part of the culture! But don't bargain in stores and restaurants! 

11. Final Tips:

- Staying connected: In Tel Aviv you can get Wi-Fi anywhere you go, but we recommend having an internet data package for you to walk freely around the country and know where you are. You can get a local sim card at the airport or even get a package at Airalo app. 

12. If you have any issues around here, you can contact Karen our wedding planner & she can help you sort it out!

Some of our favorite places
around here:

If you're staying in Tel Aviv:

Restaurants: Port Said; Romano; Bar 51; Ouzeria; Ha'achim; The Old Man and the Sea; Café Puaa; Bucke Café; Café Xoho.

Where to go out: Teder Fm; Kuli Alma; Abraxas; Drama Bar; Breakfast Club; Mondo 2000; 


What to do:  Walk around Jaffa & visit their Flea Market in the mornings; Visit Florentin to have a coffee and local shops; to go the Carmel Market and try some local food; Go to the Trumpeldor Beach to play Altinha & listen to some portuguese; Bike around the city; Explore some high quality stores in Neve Tzedek; Check out what events are going on in Teder Fm during the week and go eat there enormous pizza!

If you're staying in Caesarea:

Caesarea is a small town in the coast, known for it's Archaeological National Park, which includes a large Roman amphitheater and the historic port. It's also located very close to the most beautiful beaches in Israel, as well as some unique less tourisic attractions.

Here are some of our recommendation around the area:

Just minutes away from the hotel:

Just a couple of minutes away from the hotel you can find great restaurants: 
Located near the golf club you can find Mariposa, a great Kosher restaurant. 
In the port of caesarea you can find also a series of nice restaurants with a great view such as Limani Bistro and Helena, and the unique archaeological sights of Caesarea.

Hof Hacarmel's Moshavim and Kibbutzim (20 min away)

This is the area that we live in (yay!), it's a beautiful area near the beach and the mountains.  We recommend going for a walk in the gorgeous Habonim Nature Reserve, as well as enjoying giving a dip into the crystal waters there. We also recommend the tasty Zahara Cafe for a perfect brunch inside an authentic artist's village, full of peacocks running free (a real experience). And at last, visiting the Amphorae Winery, one of the best and most beautiful in the country, with wine tastings & cheese plates, vineyard tours & and the Makura organic  olive oil shop. For the Kosher ones, Dada Winery in Kerem Maharal has very unique wines, and the place is opened only on Friday's.

Ein Hod Artists Village (20 min away)

Ein Hod is home to 150 writers, architects, sculptors, potters, jewelry designers, painters, actors,  musicians, and their families. Many of the artists are prize winners and ten have won the Israeli National Award. The village has 18 galleries, 14 workshops, restaurants, cafes, a museum, and several bed and breakfasts.

Mount Carmel National Park & Nahal Mearot Nature Preserve (20 min away)

If you're looking for some hikes and gorgeous views, the park has numerous bicycle and walking paths, it's a perfect place for some outdoor activities and has some great spots for picnic!

Visit the town of Pardes Hanna (20 min away)

Pardes Hanna is a small and fun town, known for their hippie/hipster vibe, with tasty coffee places, the artist stable's with small local shops, as well as great restaurants such as the italian Roberta Vinci, Gabriela & Rut and Nuni ve Fortuna's fun coffee place.

Spend a day in Haifa (30 min away)

Besides visiting the classic Bahai Gardens, we recommend going around our favorite area: Talpiot Market - which is not only a Shuk, but also a very vivid and young street with bars, cafes, restaurants, vintage shops and more! As well as visiting the Haifa Flea Market (Carol's favorite place) in the lower part of the city. Another great place to see is the Wadi Nisnas - a mixed Jewish and Arab neighborhood in the city.

Where to Eat: Kona, Zero Zero Wine Bar, Hamra Talpiot, Breada Bakery, Arabeska Talpiot, Fattouch, The Brewery

​The unique town of Akko (45 min away)

Akko is a port city, home to a brilliantly coexistent mixed population of Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Old City of Akko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest ports in the world. The history of Akko is truly special, and when you add the beaches, local markets, gardens and the restaurants, you won't be disappointed!

For the kids (up to 30 min away)

There are many attractions in the area for childres, one of our favorites is the Meshek Halbrecht farm to table, which has fun activities for kids, farm animals as well as a very tasty picnic for the parents! Check it out here.

There are also a great variety of watersports and surf classes at the Sdot Yam beach, , just a couple of minutes from the hotel.

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